TKB-408 (ТКБ-408) is a new kind of assault rifle added in CF Russia.


It's another bullpup assault rifle that has a similar material design with the A180, while overall appearance is similar to the Vepr without a scope. TKB-408 shares ammo cartridge with AK-47, and therefore is quite strong with high accuracy at mid to long range when burst firing. However, it fires slower than AK-47 and still has somewhat high recoil when spraying despite its bullpup configuration. Has a standard 30 rounds magazine plus 90 in reverse.

This gun shares the draw animation with the G3A3 and the reload animation is similar to FN F2000.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil.



CrossFire Russia ◄Review ТКБ-408►

CrossFire Russia ◄Review ТКБ-408►

CF Russia - TKB-408 (Showcase)

CF Russia - TKB-408 (Showcase)

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