Suppression Mode is a variant of Search & Destroy that focuses more on bomb planting situation as it puts Black List next to a single bomb site while Global Risk rush their way to the bomb site.


  • CF China: Fast Blast Mode
  • CF Japan: Suppression Mode
  • CF Russia: Suppression Mode
  • CF Brazil: C4 Mode
  • CF West: Suppression Mode
  • CF Philippines: Rapid Surge Mode
  • CF Vietnam: Fast S&D
  • CF Español: C4 Mode
  • CF South Korea: Suppression Mode
  • CF Indonesia: Suppression Mode


Black List operatives spawn near the bomb site, all equipped with a C4 bomb (which they may not drop) and thirty seconds to spare, forcing them to plant the bomb as soon as possible or else a forfeit would possibly ensue for that round. Once planted, Global Risk must rush-in, secure the site and defuse the bomb.

Suppression mode enables C4 countdown timer. Once the C4 has been planted, a 60 seconds timer will appear to show how much time left for the bomb to explode.

C4 Wires

This is a new add-on for BL and GR in this mode. While setting up the C4, Black List will be able to select between two wires when planting the bomb. If Global Risk cuts the correct wire, it will instantly defuse the bomb, but should they choose wrong, it will instantly explode. Both sides can choose one of the following options when Planting / Defusing:

Black List:
  • Left Click + 1: Red Wire.
  • Left Click + 2: Blue Wire.
  • Left Click: Random Wire.
Global Risk:
  • Button E + 1: Cut Red Wire.
  • Button E + 2: Cut Blue Wire.
  • Button E: Normal Defuse.


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