Super Soldiers S&D is a mix of basic Search & Destroy rules and Wave Mode / Super Soldiers abilities.


  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West


This mode plays out exactly like normal Search & Destroy matches, but every soldiers can carry out different classes in their bags. However, even though they are referred as Super Soldiers, they are far less effective in this mode.

They only have 100 health points and some of the faster classes are slower with their active abilities. Additionally, most of the card stats are significantly reduced. These reduced stats are shown as yellow text on each class cards in this mode only.

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TechCard Demolition TechCard Juggernaut TechCard Medic TechCard Marksman TechCard Blaster TechCard Artillery TechCard Hunter TechCard Shield
TechCard Shock TechCard FuzzyTechCard Commander TechCard Joker TechCard Blaster Gold TechCard Shock Gold TechCard Fuzzy Gold TechCard Unknown

Due to mechanics difference, there are some changes with how classes work, which will be described here:

  • Juggernaut: This class only has 25 HP more than other classes, but still very strong with Suit protection. Can still be killed in one shot by Barrett M82A1 users.
  • Commander: Instead of placing flags, Commander only need to select one and "activate" it, which will put the flag behind their back. Teammates can still benefit from Commander's flag but there is no Radius indicator - they have to stay close to the Commander.
  • Hunter: The Crossbow is incredibly OPed in this mode due to its 1-shot kill ability against any other classes except Juggernaut. Hunter players can place a good rifle / SMG in their bag, then hang back and snipe enemy from distance. Use primary weapons to defend position until the Crossbow is available again then repeat.
  • Medic: Because Medic Grenade can heal 60-80 HP in this mode, having one Medic on your team means you don't have to worry about stray bullets as long as you can kill off your enemy. The Medic Grenade can partially substitute for Smoke Grenade when defending / attacking key area.

Maps Description Maps Description
Storehouse A large warehouse area with many containers. BlackWidow-2 Popular map joining yet another mode's map pool.
Christmas-Icon Classic Search & Destroy map set at a Festival. Blank -

  • When this mode was first leaked, another map was shown beside Storehouse. But, as of the mode's release, the map was not added. It can still be seen in both the map selection screen and the sixth page of the guide section.
    • Chances are that it'll be added at a later date; assuming it wasn't scrapped entirely.
  • This mode has been discovered in CF China's system file on April, but Tencent delayed it for 6 months.


Super Soldiers TM

CrossFire VN - Black Widow 2

CrossFire VN - Black Widow 2.0 - Wave S&D

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