Union Station
Subway is a recent Search & Destroy map sets within an underground wrecked subway station.


  • China: Subway.
  • Korea: Subway.
  • Vietnam: Metro Station.
  • West: Union Station.
  • Español: Underground.
  • Brazil: Station.
  • Philippines: Subway.


The map feature a large subway station, quite demolished though. Both parties spawns in waiting areas next to the train cars and rails. They may use the stairs right in front of them to access the map's second floor or choose any other side paths to access the various areas within the map's main floor which are quite open except for train cars.

Black List may also either venture left towards a narrow passage leading to A-Site or right which contains three train cars. Both ways eventually leads to the center area, from there, a vending machine and a pile of bricks allow soldiers to get on top of the aforementioned train cars leading straight back to Black List's spawning area if so desired.

Global Risk on the other end may either go left where B-Site is located or right near an sideway train car and A-Site. That train car can be entered from both doors but also from an open window by double jumping on the train. Going further away from the train leads to the center area as well where Black List may possibly be close by.

The second floor is a possible heat zone, as both team's spawn contains the stairs leading to that floor. It is located right above the center area with the vending machines and bricks. Clearing this area could allow a team to reach the back of their opposition, depending how long the fight last though; other paths might be a better option in some case.

Both sites are close to Global Risk's spawn as usual. A-Site is located within a machine room with many machinery, cables and even an accessable ventilation system, which serves as a decent hiding spot (still exposed to grenades though), but require slightly tricky jumps. B-Site is a simple train car by itself with most of its doors open.

All in all, a decent Search & Destroy map featuring a somewhat realistic looking subway station, which is definitely quite rare, considering the game's usual level design is quite unique from what we would see in Combat Arms for example. At least more noticeable when comparing this map with the overall layout of ghost mode's Metro map.



CrossFire China - Subway S&D Gameplay !-0

CrossFire China - Subway S&D Gameplay !-0

Cross Fire China -- Subway (Search & Destroy) -GamePlay-!

Cross Fire China -- Subway (Search & Destroy) -GamePlay-!

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