Submarine Bay is a Team DeathMatch map sets within a submarine pen. This map is the very first underwater based map.


  • Submarine (Most versions).
  • Sub Assault (West).
  • Underground Base (Vietnam).


Black List came up with a plan to steal one of Global Risk’s nuclear submarine. They eventually launched an attack against Global Risk and succeeded in debilitating the nuclear submarine but also incurred damage in the process. They were on high alert after anchoring the damaged submersible in the submarine base of Balaclave to get it fixed.

Three weeks later, an emergency announcement goes off at the base. Shortly after the message was aired on the Public Address System, shots are fired and this marks the beginning of Global Risk’s underwater revenge attack.


The map is a symmetrical fast paced underwater with a nuclear submarine in the the middle. The submersible can be boarded and accessed from various ways and also has proximity doors inside. There are various propellers to boost soldiers around the underwater area and two fisures vents that act as jump pads to board the submarine.

Global Risk spawn next to a flooded cavern, while Black List spawn in a small chamber. Both teams can either dive in front of the propellers to boost themselves into the action or they may choose an alternate tunnel for a slow swim into the same area. Both parties also have unlimited breath, so they can stay underwater as much they want.


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