"Subject Alpha is a merciless assassin with shapeshifting abilities that granted her celestial reputation as an unmatched killer. While most assassins choose anonymity, she often shows her disregard of all rules by posting selfies taken over the dead bodies of her enemies."
- in-game description

Subject Alpha is the third VVIP character set featured in CrossFire.


Same with The Fates / Switcher, this character set is composed of three female characters (one for Global Risk, one for Black List and the other one is specifically meant for Mutation and Zombie Modes). Again, she has a unique and exclusive voice set separated from the others.

Based on the GR and Special side, Subject Alpha seems to be a cold-blooded assassins with secret missions. On the GR side, she has blonde hair, wears a dark-blue outfits with fully-covered blue heels, a mask that covering her face and a golden decoration on her forehead. On the Special side, she has a similar appearance with the GR side, but with brown hair color, wears a white shirt, a dark-brown shorts, a belt that holding her unusable sword, a pair of black heels and the same golden decoration on her forehead along with the mask like the GR. On the BL side, differently from the both mentioned side, she seems to be a rebellious teenager; she wears a short orange outfit that reveals her belly, a short skirt and a pair of high brown boots, along with a black eyepack.

She has the usual Furious Kick and Throwing Knives abilities, but she also boasts two new features:

  • Subject Alpha can express different emotions by pressing N. The player can select any of the seven emotions listed by pressing its correspondent number key. She can clap, taunt with her hand, take a picture, take a selfie, express admiration, cross her arms and salute. (Special voice clips and sound effects play while expressing emotions)
  • In Mutation Mode, when Subject Alpha gets infected, she can shapeshift into any other mutant character (except default mutants, Maiden 2.0 and special mutants) by pressing F. She can change characters after a cooldown of 20 seconds or upon respawning. This ability can't be used when the player is playing as a special mutants like Xeno, Havoc, etc.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.

VVIP Features

  • Emotion: Ability to express emotions by pressing the N key. There are 7 emotions available.
  • Shapeshifter: Ability to change to other mutant characters by pressing the F key (even if the player don't have them); with a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Furious Kick: Only for BL and GR character (press E).
  • Shadow Blades: Throwable knives (Press 2); cannot be used in Ghost Mode (BL), Shadow Mode (Shadow) and Knife Matches.
  • Special Character: Available in Zombie Modes and Mutation Modes, retains all bonus perks.
  • 200% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • 30% EXP bonus for everyone.
  • 20% GP bonus for everyone.



  • The Special character's emotion sound depends on which side you join the game (for example: You join the game on the Black List side, you will have the BL emotion sound, vice versa for Global Risk), while her radio message is same with the GR side.
  • As a mutant, you cannot use the Shapeshifter skill on any slides.
  • When use the shapeshifter in Mutation Mode & variants, the shapeshifted mutant will have the same HP as the previous one. This can be fixed by either evolved or respawned.
  • In Mutation Knight Mode, there's a glitch that the F button (Shapeshifter) is invisible when playing as a Mutant, but it still works normally when the player press it.
  • Sometimes, the HUD when she is expressing her emotions changes, it could either be close, normal and far. Presumably, it has the same case with Furious Kick as it depends on what weapons the player is holding.
  • Her BL promotional artworks show similarities to the character Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad movie.
    • The BL character was supposed to have pink-purple color on her outfit, as can be seen in original artwork and screenshots. It was changed later, now her outfit has orange color instead.
  • In CF Vietnam, this character is named Athena, the goddess of wisdom, craft and war in Greek mythology.
    • Also in CF Vietnam, similar to Venus (The Fates) and Sonoko (Switcher), Athena also have two variants: Normal and Special. The Special character is only obtained through events and it shares Special character model for both GR and BL.
  • Again, she got Russian voices in CF Russia and Portuguese voices in CF Brazil, similar to The Fates and Switcher. It's also separated from both The Fates and Switcher as well.
  • Subject Alpha's gloves on the BL side is a recolored version of Switcher-Special's gloves.
  • If you equipped any glasses for Subject Alpha (GR and Special), their masks will be removed and revealing their "face", similar to SAS.
  • The GR and Special character of Subject Alpha look identical to each other, especially their masks, hair style (with different color), skin tone and a golden decoration on their forehead. Thus, it's possible that both are the same person or twin.
    • They also shares the same killsounds and radio voices, which is not seen in any other VVIP characters.
  • Uniquely, similar to the announcement for winning a Black Market prize, expressing any emotion will also automatically announce a unique message (based on the emotion that the player choose), for example, if player choose clapping emotion, it will announce a message "[Player Name] is clapping" (terms vary in different versions) to other players in the same room.
  • In some CF versions, the emotion sound effects doesn't play for unknown reasons, only Subject Alpha's special voice clips will be played (sometimes it also won't play at all).



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