Map SubBase
Sub Base is a Search & Destroy map sets within a small military compound with a submarine pen. The map is available in every versions, under the following alias:
  • Sub Base (Most versions).
  • Warehouse (Russia).
  • Submarine (China).


An island off the coast of the US serves as the secret base for the nuclear submarine 'Aigis' that will provide a new strategic capability to Global Risk. GR and BL fight each other across the globe to fulfill their clients' requests. In the relationship between the two, GR only accepts peacekeeping missions whereas BL has no qualms with guerrilla tactics or performing terrorist activities.

Global Risk Base

Global Risk starts off directly inside B Site. Their motive is to defend, defuse/prevent the bomb from detonating, and to eliminate all Black List soldiers. The map itself is an underwater sea base, with boats on the lower level along with a bombsite. The other bomb site is on a lower level, farther away. GR must get to A Site before BL if they hope to defend it.

Black List Base

Black List start off outside the underwater sub base. From there, they can choose to either go to B Site, which is probably heavily guarded (as GR starts off there) or race down to A Site and try to get there before the GR soldiers. Their motive is to attack, and destroy the sub base by either eliminating all the Global Risk Soldiers or to plant and detonate the bomb to destroy the sea base.


  • There are many wooden boxes/doors in this map, meaning guns with good wall bang have an advantage.
  • There are many good hiding spots in both bomb sites, use this as your advantage.
  • As GR, a good place to rifle/snipe is behind the wooden boxes near the GR base. You have a good view of the BL soldiers coming into the B Control Room.
  • Another good place to camp as GR is the upper floor of B Site, you can choose to stay hidden or peek the enemies entering through the doorway. This also gives you the chance to move onto the upper railings and hide there. Just be careful of enemies coming in from the other direction.
  • If you are quick at the beginning of the round, it is possible as GR to enter B Control Room by running through mid and entering from the side. You now have a good view of the soldiers entering, who may not be expecting you.
  • You can also simply run into B Control from the corner with the boxes, and hide directly under the machines.
  • Both sides have a good sniping view, try to get an early pick for your team.
  • The vents can be a great way to enter the A Control Room and surprise your enemies.