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Strategic Search & Destroy is a game mode that pits up to thirty soldiers into a massive battle as they try to destroy or protect territories. The mode combines few elements from both Search & Destroy and GPS Mode, while also including some new mechanics.


  • CF China: Strategic Blasting Mode.
  • CF West: Mass Search & Destroy.
  • CF Brazil: Massive Search & Destroy.
  • CF Vietnam: Search & Destroy.


In this mode, soldiers get to choose from one of three spawn points, including an infiltrating spot over at Global Risk's areas. From there, Black List must make their way to the GPS device, which spawns at a random location each round, and bring it to one of the two bomb sites to designate an airstrike attack at that area. If that happen, Global Risk must retake control of the area and deactivate the GPS device to prevent the airstrike before the timer runs out.