Sticky Bomb is a special variant of the AI Grenade, available only in Devastated City and Boss Arena (Scorpion boss) ZM map. It only pick up through Supply Boxes.


This bomb has the same shape with AI Grenade, albeit with different painting. Once thrown, it will stick to any surface and show a red circle, indicating its blasting zone. Any zombies caught within this radius will be either killed or seriously wounded. The Sticky Bomb has a 3 second timer, allowing players to lure as many zombies as possible into the radius. Additionally, if the bomb hits a zombie, it will stick to said zombie and the damage blast zone will move with that zombie.

Picking up Sticky Bomb will not remove the player's grenade, so it's safe to use it and still be able to keep a TH Grenade or AI Grenade for later usage.


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