Stadium 2018
Stadium (2018) is the second Soccer Mode map, following Stadium. It features a similar layout, but it is now located in Russia, where the FIFA 2018 World Cup were hosted.


  • CF Brazil: World Cup.
  • CF Korea: Stadium 2018.
  • CF Russia: Football 2.0.
  • CF Español: Russian Stadium.
  • CF China: Stadium 2018.
  • CF West: Stadium 2018.


This map features the exact same layout with its predecessor, although the sky box is now set to daytime instead of dawn, and the backgrounds features famous Russia landmarks rather than the favela settings which suits Brazil (Host of World Cup 2014).

One interesting change is that all players will automatically assume the role of ABF characters, donning with soccer uniform (Red for BL and Blue for GR), and they will be competing for the Golden Ball instead of a normal Soccer Ball.


  • Since players can't use their own VVIP character on this map, their urgent attacks such as Furious Kick or Flower Attack perks are completely unusable as a result.
  • The character's gloves on both sides are the recolored versions of Hermes on the BL side. They also don't have their own Loading Icons so ones from equipped character are used instead.
  • Unlike the original Stadium, this version didn't get updated to all CF versions.


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