Stadium is a Team DeathMatch melee only map, which is also using the Soccer Mode option. It is set within the soccer field in a small stadium. The map is almost available in almost every versions of the game.


  • Stadium (Every versions).[citation needed]


This map, as its name suggest, is a soccer stadium with the field serving as main arena for BL and GR. Faction's board are hung up behind each team's goal to remind players where to attack and defend, should they lost direction upon respawning. Two speeding paths (divided at the center, facing each team's goal) gives players a speed boost at their players so they attack or defend faster.


  • The soccer field is probably located somewhere in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, possibly somewhere in the District of Favela because of the design of the houses and buildings around the field which looks similar to the houses and buildings in the Favela.
  • Upon initial release in the Indonesian version, more than often Global Risk players would fall under the map and instantly die when respawning, while also getting the 24_13 client error. This glitch has been fixed in later patch.[citation needed]
  • Recent patch in CF Vietnam caused a glitch that allows the ball to be shot outside the field. If this happens, it will be unreachable for the rest of the game and the whole match will turn into a normal Melee Only TDM. The only way it can be brought back into field is if someone respawn outside the field close enough and grab it when he goes back inside.



Cross Fire Indonesia Stadium (Team Death Match) (Soccer Mode) GamePlay !-1

Cross Fire Indonesia Stadium (Team Death Match) (Soccer Mode) GamePlay !-1

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