Sprays in CrossFire are pre-set images provided that may be used once a life during matches, There are many different sprays in respective categories.

Many wish to request the ability to have personal sprays as in uploading an image file with certain demensions in size and resolution ratio like in other games, particurally in games using the "Steam client" and most multiplayer games created by "Valve"

List of Sprays

"Human target"- A spray in the shape of a firing range target, mainly used in "Playful" or "Friendly (non-serious) games/matches

"Mutation target"- A spray similar to the "human target" spray but sith a mutant decal instead

"Global Risk Logo"- A spray that displays the Global Risk's team logo

"Black List Logo"- Similar to the Global Risk logo but instead shows the Black List logo

"Peeping tom"- A comical spray depicting a soilder firing through a wall into the enemy's eye (hence the name "peeping tom")

"For The Greater Good"- Another funny spray showing a guy looking over what seems to be a bathroom stall to a dress wearing figure similar to the female bathroom icon/sign

"BL/GR on the Submarine"- A spray depicting a submarine and a BL/GR Character on it.

"Graffiti Spray"- It is a customization spray. It is located on the Storage Button on the "Spray" tab.

Functional sprays

  • Sprays in this category may or may not be useful but in the right hands they may have use to them

"BL/GR sitting firing"- An image composed to look like an in-game Black List/Global Risk Standard character, if used correctly in the right situation you may be able to trick the enemy for that extra split second to gain the upper hand.

"Desertion"- This spray depicts a soilder running away, this can be used as adding insult to injury to a kill or "RageQuit" (when someone leaves because they are angry at the player(s) that have killed them)

"Peeping tom"- This spray makes a second appearance as you may use it similarly to the "Desertion" spray if you get a wallshot kill through a wooden (or similar weak element) wall and/or box or if they had been camping next to a similar object

"C4 is HERE!" - This spray depicts a C4 Picture and a down arrow on the lower part of the C4. Some players glitches this spray on the wall.

"No C4 Here" - This spray is the opposite of "C4 is Here" spray.

Limited Edition Sprays

"Pink Heart"- This is a Valentines' Day Edition Spray. It shows a pink background, a pink heart and shows the word "Happy Valentines' Day" on the center. "Chocolate Heart"- This is also a Valentines' Day Spray Edition. It has a pink background with a chocolate heart and a cf logo on the center.

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