Spider Nano is a default female mutant character available only in Downtime.


This mutant character seems to be a woman mutated from spider genes. She has very long nails on her hands as a weapon to infect human. She wears very tight suit with her tail exposed.

In Downtime, unique from other mutant character, she can climb on many certain wall erea which help her easily find ways to infect groups of players defending. Unlike Maiden or Enchantress, who are female mutant characters, Spider Nano can't jump high by default; however, when using Nano Hook or Nano Hook-Devil, she can perform fast attacking method like any male mutant character.

When climbing, it is perform in the third-person view; however, when finishing the climbing, it still keeps the third person view. Players can move back to first person view by rolling the mouse wheel.


  • Her slashing sounds are shared with Enchantress, even the screaming sound of the secondary attack.
  • Beside Battle Royale, this is the first mutant character than can be played in the third person view.
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