Special Mission
Special Mission System is an add-on to the regular Mission system in CrossFire.


  • CF China.
  • CF Vietnam.
  • CF Brazil.
  • CF Philippines.
  • CF Europe.
  • CF North America.


The special missions are available every week and is broken into 5 milestones. Every time players finished a mark, they can claim an associated prize with it plus some Mission Points - once 100 Mission Points have been cleared, the Ultimate Gold Box can be claimed. It will be delievered to players' storage and they can open it any time.

Special missions will reset every week, but players get to keep their Mission Points, so it's possible to not complete all milestone but still receive Ultimate Gold box every once in a while, as long as players remember to claim the points/prizes.

Mission details

The 3rd and 4th missions vary on each week, but 1st, 2nd and 5th missions are the same. If a mission has three conditions, players only need to complete one, just like the original Daily Mission.

Milestone Mission Prize
1 Play 1 game 2000 GP
2 Play 60 minutes 10000 GP
5 Play 300 minutes 30 Points


The Ultimate Gold Box carries the same UG weapons as AI Ticket System, which can be obtained for 1 or 3 days.


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