Parkour Course
Space Jump is a launch map for Parkour Mode.


  • CF China: Jumping Canyon
  • CF Vietnam: Space Jump
  • CF West: Space Jump
  • CF Brazil: Parkour
  • CF Español: The Challenge
  • CF Philippines: Hopping Space
  • CF Russia: Parkour Arena
  • CF Indonesia: Hopping Space
  • CF Korea


The map appears to take place in a virtual dimension that's built to train GR soldiers - it's broken up to 16 courses that act as Checkpoints players have to clear. In most courses, there are 2-3 paths that players can take, the easier one is usually longer, whereas harder one is shorter and can be advantageous for skilled players to challenge their parkour skill.

Most paths are straight-forward jumping, but the Section 9 is unique in that players will have to play "Guess the real tiles" on a big Chessboard and use them to reach the next check point. Failing will make players fall through the map and they have a few seconds to look up to check where the "real" tiles are (Or, just trial-and-error until the correct path is found then memorize it for subsequent attempts).

Section 15 is one of the hardest challenge as players will slowly fall through a high floor with electric fields (blue and green) that instant-kills them upon contact. Careful navigation is required to pass through all of these unharmed.


World Record

  • The current World Record in Space Jump is 2:47 held by a Chinese player, which involves a perfect execution on all "hard" path, some box skips and a path skip at section 16 (Jumping directly to Finish Line instead of using the path above to fall into the last jumping pad). CF Vietnam players are still trying to topple this, but the closest one behind is only 2:59.
    • The current World Record in Space Jump between the versions hosted by Smilegate West (CF West, CF BR & CF ES) is 2:56:26 by a North American player.


  • Because this map can spam CTRL to jump farther, this map has a lot of speed hackers, and all maps can spam CTRL also has this problem, like Sewers.
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