Snow Valley is a Team Deathmatch map sets within a secret base on snowy mountains. It is currently available in various version, all using the same name.


  • Snow Valley: Most versions.
  • Sibéria: Brazil.


In one of the canyons of the Carpathian Mountains there is a long-forgotten military station. Built by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the base was abandoned after the collapse of a superpower. Both opposing factions showed interested to take control of the base. Thus a heated battle started on the frozen snow-covered valley.


Snow Valley is a symmetrical medium sized map which both sides are trying to take control of. Global Risk and Black List spawn in a similar room with two possible ways to get out and four paths to choose from. The bridge in the center and the area beneath it is the most heated spot in the map, where most encounters take place.


  • The map was first released in the Vietnamese version, being exclusive until some other versions received it some time later. It shows that not only CrossFire China (also Korea back then) can receive exclusive maps.



CrossFire Vietnam - Snow Valley TD! ft

CrossFire Vietnam - Snow Valley TD! ft. RsAOfAnt

Map Gameplay/Preview

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