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Sniper Rifle is a man-portable, high precision, shoulder-fired rifle, designed to ensure more accurate shooting at longer ranges than other small arms. A typical sniper rifle is built for high levels of accuracy, fitted with a telescopic sight, and chambered for a military centerfire cartridge.


Sniper rifles are highly accurate and extremely powerful rifles with several firing modes, including bolt-action, semi, and/or fully automatic. This weapon class allows the operator to oversee longer distances and to have better accuracy when using the scope. For these reasons, sniper rifles are mainly used for long-range combats in medium to large maps.



Bolt-action sniper rifles are highly accurate when scoped, and also deal a lot of damage. However, those can be rather heavy, thus slowing down movement like most machine guns. The ammunition cartridges and reserves are relatively low, but as it takes time between each shot, it won't affect much, as running out of ammo with snipers is rare.


Semi-automatic and fully-automatic sniper rifles are usually less accurate, even when using the zoom-scope. It often takes two bullets to kill an enemy, but with a much faster fire rate, it can easily take down multiple opponents. Those are also much lighter overall; it may also have more bullets in the cartridge, while the reserve is slightly lower in general.

Weapon List


  • (JP) - This weapon is only available exclusively in CrossFire Japan.
  • (S) - This weapon is a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
  • This list doesn't include the variants of each weapons, due to high amount of variants.


  • Designated Marksman Rifles (Dragunov SVD, Knight SR-25, MSG90, etc) and Anti-Materiel Rifles (Barrett M82A1, AS50, AR-50A1, etc) should also be classified as Sniper Rifles. However, there are non-Sniper Rifles which are categorized as Sniper Rifles and vice-versa in CrossFire instead.
  • Some sniper rifles aren't representing their original real-life counterpart as some bolt-action in the game should have been semi/fully automatic in the first place.
    • For example, Barrett M82A1 which is a semi-automatic sniper rifle becomes a bolt-action sniper rifle, then followed by QBU-09.
    • Same things happen to DSR-1 which a bolt-action sniper rifle, but it becomes a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
  • Additionally, the fact about the possibility to quickscope or no-scope (although hitting someone while doing that is purely based on luck) is somewhat ludicrous. Besides, quick-switch, a tactic that often overcomes the weapon's slow bolt-cycling time, is also illogical.
  • Some sniper rifles have also incorrect magazine size when chambered more than 10 rounds.
  • While most bolt-action sniper rifles will skip straight to reload animation once the last bullet is fired, some later-released sniper rifles forces player character to cycle the bolt before replacing the magazine. This was done to stop the Furious Kick exploit (LMB + R + E to bypass bolt cycling animation) by rendering the bolt cycling animation unskippable.

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