Sniper Only is a game setting that can be used on TDM, FFA and S&D games.


Sniper Only limits weapon option to Sniper class, so players can only use Sniper weapons (Bolt-action and semi-automatic), alongside their equipped Melee weapon. This setting is rather popular for farming Sniper kill to build up player's Badge, same with Pistol Only.



  • This mode is particularly based on the real-life assassins (except for those who bring extra equipment in their mission), where they would only hunt and kill their assigned target in a specific place, and the melee weapon, of course, is used in stealth kills (like throat slitting and backstabs).
  • Combat/silent assassination (killing a target using a melee weapon when the enemy saw the player or when the player is unaware) is hard to be done in-game. That's why it is very awkward or very shameful when a player (in sniping position/stance) was killed another player with their melee weapon because killing a player with a melee weapon is somehow hard to do or rarely been done by the players.
  • Players in CF Vietnam particularly despise melee users in this mode, thus they easily vote/kick anyone who score, even after just ONE, melee kill. This also happens in CF Indonesia as well since using melee weapons in sniper only matches there is considered unprofessional.
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