Snake DBR is an assault rifle in CrossFire.


Based off the AR-15 platform, Snake DBR is unique among the others. It has double barrel configuration and double magazine - however, unlike the Dual Mag setup on certain Ares weapons, the two magazines are used together, boosting the ammo capacity for this gun to 60 rounds per magazine (120 in reverse), making it the largest capacity after AR-57.

Due to the double barrel configuration, this gun also features double-burst firing mode, with two bullets fired for each LMB click, in addition to its fully automatic mode. However, Snake DBR has the highest recoil among all assault rifles with a large crosshair (About the same with KSG-15), making this gun quite hard to use at mid to long distance.

Also it's considerably weaker than the M4A1, despite sharing the same ammunition type, but the double burst feature offset this, requiring only 2 "shoot" to kill armored opponent.


  • Shoots 2 bullets when fired.
  • Moderate damage dealing.
  • Very high magazine capacity. (highest of all rifles)
  • Fast drawing speed.


  • High recoil.
  • Loses Accuracy when sprayed.
  • Slow reloading speed.
  • Uncontrollable spray pattern.
  • Huge crosshair.


  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Español


  • This weapon shares the same draw animation with the CM901, but slightly faster.
  • If the ammo for Snake DBR is at odd number (due to M4A1-S Jewelry buff), it can't be fired when there's one bullet left, it will skip straight to the reloading process instead.



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Cross Fire Russia -- Snake DBR (Assault Rifle) -GamePlay-!

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CF NA UK Snake DBR review by svanced

Snake DBR CROSSFIRE Russia 2

Snake DBR CROSSFIRE Russia 2.0

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