Corrupted and Mutated in underground labs,'' Smoke'' carries a mechanical backpack which allows him to spew out black smoke to confuse his prey.

Smoke Nano is a Mutant character, playable in Mutation Mode only. He is the largest Mutant character, making him easy target for the soldiers from distance. His attack is also the slowest, using his right arm as primary attack and the drill on his left arm as secondary attack. Even with Mutation Spike item, he still swings it around slower than Maiden.


Smoke Nano's [G Skill] releases a thick black fog all over the area from where he used it. This gives a temporary blind spot for the soldiers, unable to see incoming attacks from other mutants. This skill, coupled with Maiden's invisibility skill, is very deadly since the soldiers can't see Maiden easily and she could sneak a heavily defended position quite easily.



  • Smoke Nano is the least used Mutant in the game due to his slow attack and big body. He is only useful for sneaking and support attack to an extend. Therefore, he's slow but very useful in Ghosts Vs. Mutants.
  • In CF PH, Smoke's name is Ink Nano but the HUD still refers to it as Smoke.
    • This was already fixed on a certain update.
  • In CF Russia, Smoke's name is displayed as KMB-317 in HUD. In Berserk mode, its "weapon" is typed as KMB-317A Knife.
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