Smoke Grenade-Armoured Beast is a VVIP throwable variant of the Smoke Grenade.


Unlike other Smoke Grenades, this variant shares M67 Frag Grenade shape with normal grenades, with new Armoured Beast design and got colored green. It has the extended smoke effect with red color like the Red Smoke Grenade.

  • Exclusive in CF China: It features the 10th anniversary mark of CF China on its body.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Español

VVIP Features

  • Fast Switch


  • In the Beta version, this smoke grenade has the dark gray texture on it, but later got changed to green. Presumably, it is because it doesn't look different much from Wide Grenade-Armoured Beast beside the mark on it.



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