"In celebration of Crossfire West's 10th year of service, this Smoke Grenade is exclusive to Crossfire West"
- in-game description for CF West

Smoke Grenade-10th Anniversary is a thrown variant of the Smoke Grenade.


In CF China, it's the same stock variant along with the 10th-anniversary mark of CF China written in Chinese. Uniquely, this smoke grenade variants have fast drawing speed and emit orange smoke on impact when getting landed to the ground or a hard object, which reduces the time to wait for the grenade.

In CF West, it is a variant of the Smoke Grenade-CFS and features a CF logo on the weapon with an orange X in the background symbolizing 10 as a Roman numeral in years of service. Also, its killmark has the acronym 'SGW' for Smile Gate West.


  • CF China
  • CF West



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