Originating as a secret U.S. military project, "Titan" is a bio-weapon that utilizes nanotechnology to alter a subject's biological makeup, creating a cybernetic organism with increased combat performance.

Slugs are the first buyable mutant in CrossFire (except CF West, as Slugs are the default mutant in this version).


They have an appearance of a green hulk. They get speed boost as their special ability which is obtained after getting two mutations or absorbtions in Mutation Mode or 5 kills/absorbtions in Hero Mode, which costs 500 HP to use.


The Slug's skills is similar to the Dread but Slugs are more tanky since they get less knock-back than the Dread, their [G Skill] gives them a temporary Adrenaline Boost which increases their movement speed and jump height over time.


  • Except CF West, all other CF version features Slug as buyable mutants in Item Shop, and Dread is the default Mutant instead. As a result, CF West doesn't get a free 2.0 upgrade for default mutants since Slug was not given a 2.0 model upgrade.
  • In CF Vietnam, Slug is called "Kẻ hủy diệt", which translates to "Terminator". Ironically, this name is also used for Xeno, and it's not translated to not confuse Xeno's name with Slug's.
  • Slug was intended to have a red skin, as was stated on CF VN Fanpage.



CF - Hulk Nano

CF - Hulk Nano

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