Sky Islands
Sky Islands is the second Battle Royale map sets on four floating islands high up in the sky.


  • CF China: Sky Island
  • CF Vietnam: Survival Island


In Progress.


  • Similar to Desert Raid's recreation of Excavation (as one of its underground bunker), this map features two others:
    • Located on the north-west island just below the temple region (寺庙); the residential area (蔚城) is a recreated version of Black Widow's layout, albeit cramped in some areas, but it is definitely recognizable otherwise.
    • Located on the south island at the communication base (通讯基地); about half of Satellite's layout is featured, including parts of its middle area (large window / watch tower), both A and B sites and the area in between.
  • After this map released, almost guns in this map has been nerfed the reloading speed and the drawing speed.



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