Shooting Range is a training hall where soldiers can test almost every weapons available in the Item Shop; excluding melees and grenades though.


When selecting a weapon in the item shop, the shooting range button will be available under the player's character. The range itself is the same as in the Training Camp map, but with entrance and exits blocked.

Whenever the player shoots a target, a zoomed-in view will display on the left side of the screen, showing them a better view of the target and where the bullets hit. If a weapon cannot reach one of the targets further in the back, a message will let the player know.

When the weapon runs out of ammunition, it will automatically refill so that the player may continue testing the weapon if they so desired. There's a ten minutes time limit, but players are free to simply re-enter the shooting range as much as they want.


  • Due to an unknown glitch, the mutation ambient track can be heard in the background.


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