Shockwave Sword is a special melee weapon, available only to Runaways.


This sword has a similar shape with the Japanese counterpart, Katana, but has a thinner, more curved blade and gold dragon decoration near the handle and at the end of it. Uniquely, Runaways holds the sword across the screen with only one hand.

Shockwave Sword features a basic quick swipe attack (LMB) or a heavy downward slash (RMB). In addition, when the charging bar is full, pressing E to make the sword charged with Flame Energy, and Runaways points it forward and throw it. When LMB is clicked in charged mode, Runaways can throw a fireball toward and explode on impact for 5 times when connected with the zombies or bosses.


  • If the Shockwave Sword is charged yet isn't used, the Charged Mode will be disappeared; therefore, it's best to use immediately when activated.



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