Shock Absorber is a kind of item that is used to absorb the impact of the player's landing. It also reduces damage when the player jumps high to the ground. It is very helpful throughout the game like in the Zombie Mode Game (UNEARTH), to enable to escape from attacking zombies, players must jump to the edge to avoid damage to the player from the zombies. It will give the players little damage on high jump and no damage on low jumps.


  • CF China is the only version that doesn't features Shock Absorber as an independent item in the Item Shop. The reason is unknown, but it can only found in Skilled characters like Switcher, Ryuno (type X and Y), Ares,...
  • In CF Vietnam, there is a bug that there is no Shock Absorber icon showing in-game. This is a visual bug however, because the item is still functional.
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