Shadow Daggers are a special throwing weapon, available only to Switcher.


It behaves pretty much the same with Shadow Blades in normal modes, but in Mutation Mode and Zombie Mode, this weapon comes in three, and Switcher carries a total of 24 of them (3x8). It can deal much more damages against mutants if all daggers hit the target, but otherwise the spread allow for better accuracy when thrown.


  • In CF Vietnam, the normal Shadow Daggers carrying by BL and GR are named Throwing Knife-Special, same name with the one used by The Fates-Special. It could be the Shadow Daggers is just a re-modelled of Throwing Knife-Special (because they're shares their animation with each other) and VTC forgotten to renamed the weapon. 
    • Also in CF Vietnam, in normal modes, Switcher-Special will use the normal variant of Shadow Daggers instead of the one in Mutation and Zombie Mode.  


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