Shadow Blades are special weapons available only for The Fates and Subject Alpha.


Shadow Blades are a smaller variant of the Shadow Knives, allowing players to throw it and carry more than two at the same times. The Fates & Subject Alpha have 7 of them on their right arm, and it will be their default secondary weapon if they don't have any Pistol equipped. Otherwise, players can press 2 to toggle between their pistols and Shadow Blades.

Unlike the TAC-15, Shadow Blades are affected by gravity and players' movement, making aiming them extremely difficult. They are also quite weak, requiring 2 shot to the body or 1 shot to the head to kill armored opponent, so it's really not worth using in long run, thus only using it as backup weapon.


  • Because Shadow Blades are considered Secondary weapon, killing opponent with it will count as a Pistol kill rather than Melee kill.
    • For the same reason, mutants killed by Shadow Blades in HMX and MKM will still respawn, as the game counts it as Pistol kill instead of Melee kill.
  • In ZM, Shadow Blades won't be replenished when using ammo station - once 7 are used, players will not get any more until they die and respawn. This happens even if players equip the Ammo Belt, which gains infinite ammo for all equipped weapons.
  • Despite the Special Shadow Blades used in Mutation Mode & variants have different design than the normal variant, it will still appear as normal Shadow Blades when thrown. This is because only the HUD model have been changed and the thrown model are shared between each variants.
  • Subject Alpha uses the normal variant of Shadow Blades for all 3 character (BL, GR, Special), unlike The Fates which is have a unique one for Special character.
  • In CF Vietnam, in normal modes, The Fates-Special (or Venus-F) are using the normal variant of Shadow Blades from BL and GR instead of the unique one in Mutation and Zombie Mode.
  • In CF Vietnam, using Shadow Blade to hit opponents in their legs will cause the whole room to be kicked back to lobby or xTrap error. It has been fixed.
  • Strangely, Girl Crush also equips Shadow Blades and can be seen in both first and third person view; however, they are unusable and Shadow Switchblades are used instead.


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