Sewers is a Melee Only map available in both Team DeathMatch and Elimination. It is set within a long sewerage pipe where soldiers may fall a long way down.


  • Sewers (West, Brazil, Indonesia, S.E.A).
  • Sewerage (Philippines, Russia, Japan and South Korea).
  • Underground Pipes (Vietnam).
  • Death Tunnel (China).


The map takes place inside a sewer system, with GR and BL spawn point facing each other. There are two levels to the map - an upper and lower section. The upper section consists of both team's spawns opposing each other, connected to each other by a thin ledge. BL and GR players can also use the side ledge to get to the other side, with these side ledges is connected to the center ledge by another thin ledge, forming a thin cross-road.

The lower section, accessible by jumping off the ledge, has a small water area in the middle to prevent damage fall, and this is where anyone survives fight against each other. This place is very small, even smaller than the Arena, therefore the map is tailored for melee-only mode.


  • Sewers was absent in CF Vietnam because of the removal of Melee Only mode. After the option is added back in April sub-patch, this map is eventually added.
  • This is the only map that can be stalled if one team decides to not go down and leave the oppositing team trapped at the lower level.
  • In some CF versions, many players prefer to look up for their opponents falling down when at the lower level, and trying to walk into the same vertical line with them, while the opponents may fall into their heads and dead by falling damage. This is been used in Elimination Mode more, thinking that "make others suicide" is not counted as kill in Team Deathmatch.
    • Also, if two players' height are too close when falling down together, there's a possibility that the player who is higher will accidently stomp at another player and dead. However this happened very rarely, and can be prevent by moving away.
    • There's a way to deal with those who try to prevent you from falling into water. Try to move immediately while your opponents try to grasp you, make sure the falling location is right next to him, and perform a right-click attack to him at the exact time you land.


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