Seizure is a Sniper Only Team Deathmatch map sets on an offshore platform and a Global Risk naval ship in the middle of the ocean. The wide open environments makes it definitely suitable for sniper only.


  • CF China: Master & Sniper.
  • CF South Korea: Seizure.
  • CF West: Seizure.
  • CF Japan: Seizure.
  • CF Vietnam: Petroleum.
  • CF Russia: Interception.
  • CF Philippines: Seizure.
  • CF Brazil: Oil Tanker.
  • CF Español: Oil Tower.
  • CF Indonesia: Seizure.


This wide open map features a reflected symmetrical layout, which still offers balanced gameplay for both factions. Global Risk are placed within a large Naval Ship, while Black List are placed on an offshore platform. Both sides are connected by a long bridge provided by the platform's crane, but two zip-lines also provide access to the both side.

Some new tricks allowed the game's developers to hide where the water layer ends, thanks to four layers of fogs. At least now it actually feels like the water never ends, unlike Transport Ship's ocean. Suffice to say the fogs is rather dominant, thus giving it somewhat of a monotone weather. This trick might allow for more open maps like this one.


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