Secret Ruins (also known as Secret Relic) is a Team DeathMatch map sets within some newly discovered ruins. This map was in CrossFire Korea before its servers shutdown and none other versions have it at the moment.


Ruins was first released at the same time as Military Base with a common door mechanic. As Military Base's armored door works with switches, this map's two doors function with proximity mouvements just like in Bio Facility.

It is a symmetrical map with a couple of crates and a long wall seperating both sides. Both parties spawn within some dark tombs with two exits, then head over any of the doors for a massive fight. A crack in the wall can be used for throwing grenades, but may also be access by jumping it from some crates.


  • Since this map hasn't any particular similiraties with any others maps from any other games, chances are that, along with Tuscany, they could be added in any versions at any time.



CrossFire Korea - Secret Ruins TD!-0

CrossFire Korea - Secret Ruins TD!-0

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