Scythe Crab Claws (simply known as Crab Claws) is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


This special melee weapon features a literal form of the claws of the crab, except that it's metallic and worn/equipped like Gloves. It also features a metallic black texture background with dark red details marked on both melee weapons.

The draw animation shows clicking of the chelipids (commonly called as "claw clamps") of the claws. In normal attack animation (LMB), it shows left and right forward strikes and in special attack animation (RMB), it shows left and right heavy pinching strike. This is the third melee weapon after Iron Hammer and BC-Axe Beast to feature a double secondary strike - there are 2 pinches with both claws that can 1-hit kill opponents when connected, allowing players to deal with multiple opponents easier. The secondary attack is also quite fast, only behind Dual Karambit - however, because of the double attack, it takes longer to execute a second strike.

In all CF versions, Scythe Crab Claw can be obtained 7 days or permanent by opening the Silver box at the end of Defense Mode match (Shipyard).


ScytheCrabClaws Cancer


  • This weapon is basically the smaller version of the Scythe Crab/Mech Crab's claws (the mechanical crab monster found in Shipyard).
  • In CF VN, there was an event called "Black Friday" (only in 24/11/2017) allow you to get this item for just 200 points (approx. 40 Vcoin) on Casino Royal. It was sold again in limited time with the same price to celebrate the achievement of the U23 Vietnam team.
  • Also in CF VN, even though it's called Crab Claws, but the in-game HUD will show "Scythe Crab" instead (it's also missing the "Claws" word).


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