Santoria is a Search & Destroy map.


  • CF Korea
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Español


A beautiful vacation island even called as pearl. Not many people know about the factory that makes rocket engine in this place. Even with the objection of the neighbour countries, they had to cover up for the researches to shoot out spaceships and it was related with other laboratories. The Global Risk also had researches to shoot out their own satellites. So even a small country could have this facility’s project going on smoothly without the trouble of the budget and national defence. But, the neighbour country have found out about the secret has sent a warning message and has requested the Black List to neutralize this secret factory. And now, the battle between the rivals begins again in the beautiful island.

Global Risk

GR starts from advantage point that allows them to easily access both A site and B site. This allows them to get to the bombsites first, and prepare better sturdier defences against the Black List soldiers.

Black List

Black List start from the lowest point of the map. With this, the pressure is on them mostly because they are no where close to the bombsites. The terrain advantage is also low on the Black List Side, so it is always recommended to look and be careful. However, there are also many places and ways for BL to pick off GR soldiers, making their job easier.


  • You can snipe soldiers entering B site from B-Split.
  • The house near B Site has a side window, which you can snipe.
  • In the BL box room, there is a vent in the wall which you can access by jumping from on top of a box. This vent lets you shoot people on the bridge, and gives you another way to enter the GR box room.
  • In the same GR box room, there is a side window which links to A site. You can wait for enemies coming into the box room, and shoot them from the window.
  • In the Mid Ramp area, there is a ladder leading to a ledge outside of the B site building. You can shoot soldiers in site through cracks in the window.


  • Santoria is once available on CF Philippines, by making a DM Room and Random Map, after some patch, Santoria got mysteriously removed.



Crossfire Santoria ( Map Preview ) Golden WIngs Killmarks

Crossfire Santoria ( Map Preview ) Golden WIngs Killmarks

Map Preview