One of the deadliest snipers in the history of the Russian Armed Forces, SRAF is an elite mercenary with fearsome reputation for stealth and accuracy, picking off dozens of enemy soldiers every where she went.

- Character description

Sniper Russian Armed Force is a female character in CrossFire.


Based on their look, S.R.A.F are intended to be assassin squad that fights in cold weather, which is common in Russia. BL model wears a long brown coats with brown gloves and have sunglasses to cover their faces, while GR wears a blue beret and have armored blue vest which still reveals her belly, plus long blue pants with accessories straps.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West
  • CF China
  • CF Indonesia


  • This character is named Female OMOH in the game file.
  • In CF Vietnam, CF Philippines and CF China, the character is named Natasha and C.F.R.C in the old icon.
    • Natasha is a Russian name for females. It also could be a reference to Marvel's Russian-originated superheroine Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), who is quite popular in Vietnam and Philippines. Coincidentally, Black Widow is also one of the favorite FFA map in Vietnam and Philippines.
  • Before the release of this character in CF Vietnam, the promotion video shows that this character uses Russian voice pack (probably because her origin is Russia). This makes many people confused because she still uses English voice pack. It was later revealed that it is simply video editing.
  • In CF Vietnam, this is the first character introduced in a combo crate but has no connection whatsoever with the other one (Flying Fox).
  • Official artworks show SRAF with Mosin Nagant and Dragunov Tigr 9, both are Russian sniper rifles and are first released in CF Russia.
  • When this character was first released in CF West, she used the common female voice pack like other female characters (excluding VVIPs); however, the Russian voice pack has been later added for her, separated from the others.
    • This makes her the second normal character in CF West to have an exclusive and country-originated voice pack after BOPE.



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