Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade-Ghetto or simply SOHG-Ghetto is a throwable weapon that is featured in CrossFire.


SOHG-Ghetto is a pair of grenades which are produced by Nammo AS of the United States. In addition to a Ghetto skin, this grenade takes an unique cylinder-shapped form and it's made of two parts stacked together, which can be stacked/unstacked by pressing RMB.

If unstacked, players can throw the grenade twice, but each will only deal a moderate damage and a small blast radius. But if the grenade are stacked, the explosion does major destruction and damage toward the enemy.

It should be noted that SOHG-Ghetto is heavier than other Grenades when stacked, so it won't travel properly at long distance - proper aiming is required to make this grenade land on the expected location.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia


  • This is one of the few throwable weapon without a stock variant.
  • When stacked, the ammo count for SOHG-Ghetto is 2 / 0, which is misleading because the grenade can only be thrown once. This number should be 1 / 0 like with other grenades since it indicates the throwable amount.
  • When unstacked, SOHG-Ghetto is extremely useful for players who like to play HMX-expansion, as it'll allow two self-cure against Devil Terminator's Parasite Bomb. In total, players can survive up to three shots (one shielded by the Mutant Jacket) before being infected by Parasite Bomb.
    • Unique to CF Vietnam, players can take advantage of Supply Box to acquire an additional Heart Grenade to be used together with unstacked SOHG-Ghetto, effectively allowing them to survive a lot of shots as long as they keep picking up Heart Grenades from the Supply Box.


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