SIA Supreme is a character variant of SIA featured in CrossFire.


As the name suggests, the S.I.A on the BL and GR side got a "supreme" look. The BL side has a tattoo on his face and wears an orange coat like K; however, he doesn't wear any sunglasses. The GR side has the outfit and sunglasses which looks like White Wolf's. He also has an exclusive voice pack instead of the one from most male characters.


  • CF China


Icon VVIPIndex 20006 SP

Old Icon

ItemIcon 4278

New Icon

  • Before officially released, it was supposed to be a VVIP character set featuring two male characters, one in Black List and the other in Global Risk, along the Special form in Zombie Mode, which is a small version of FOX. Beside the Furious Kick and Throwing Knives (sharing the same one with Runaways), both BL and GR side can attack players by throwing money; furthermore, the Special form can teleport a short distance when moving forward in Zombie Mode.
    • The Money Attack was later applied to Ultimatum, but got changed to Flower Attack. The Dash ability was later reused too.
  • Interestingly, there are still character textures and voice pack of the Special form in the game files, but not the Loading Icon.
    • However, there are two voice packs. One is named MOS_FoxHowlSP containing voice packs for all three BL, GR and Special side while the other is simply named MOS_Supreme only containing voice packs for BL and GR side. Probably, the publisher forgot to remove any related file of the Special form.


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