SIA M4A1 is a character figure holding a golden variant of the M4A1.


The SIA M4A1 features the tiny figure version of the SIA on the Global Risk side armed with the M4A1-S Ultimate Gold. Its stats is similar to the mentioned weapon but with faster reloading speed.

The S.I.A figure does the same action when the player moves to any direction, jumping or sitting,... only on the player's hand like being in a mouse wheel. When reloading, the S.I.A figure shout "Hey!" to the player to transfer a tiny magazine for the reloading.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam


  • Before being officially released, the S.I.A figure holds the classic M4A1 Silencer. Later on, it was changed to the M4A1-S Ultimate Gold.
  • While the stock M4A1-S Ultimate Gold has +8 ammo on most servers, this version only features +5.
  • Like any character reloading weapons in third person view, when reloading, the character figure still doesn't pull the charging handle backward. Also unlike player character's HUD, the figure hold the weapon in its opposite hand of the HUD setting (Pulling the trigger with left hand and holding the handguard with right hand for right handed HUD for example).
  • CF Vietnam released this gun in Item Shop in Packagae B set that comes with FOX Howl & Mysterious Boy Dolls, Monster Killmark B, FOX Dress (30d), 20 Capsule Tickets and 20 Special Weapons Capsules for 290 vcoin, making it the second cheapest rare gun that can be bought directly in the Item Shop (Only behind Steyr TMP-Gold Black Dragon at 1100 Vcoin).



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