SIA-Noble Gold is a Noble Gold character variant of SIA.


This character uses the same model of the BL and GR side of his original counterpart. On the BL side, he has dark gray shirt instead of white with gold vest and black tie; furthermore, his gloves got slightly changed with orange and dark gray details. On the GR side, he also has dark gray shirt, but his coat got changed with more silver texture on it, which also changed his gloves; instead of gray hair, he got silver hair color like his coat.


  • CF China (delayed)
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil


  • This character was being tested along with FOX-Noble Gold in CF China, but it couldn't make its way to the official release. Only FOX-Noble Gold got released.
    • The reason is probably because SIA Supreme got dropped from being a VVIP character set to a normal character. The fact that both variants of SIA got released, one with a brand new design and one simply being recolored, would make players more likely to drop the latter one.
    • However, this character was updated to CF Vietnam in November 2018, making CF Vietnam the first version to add this character. Just like any Noble Gold character, he can only be obtained via events.
  • In the first update of this character in CF Vietnam, this character incorrectly shares the same HUD with his original counterpart. This has been addressed in the next update.



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