The SG540 is an assault rifle in CrossFire.


Differently from the SG552, this gun features a dark green paintjob without an optical scope, making it lighter and easier to control. The SG540 has good firing rate and firepower, and it's quite accurate due to it's moderate recoil.

In CF Vietnam, European and North American versions, the SG540 is obtainable via Black Market through GP crates. In CF AL and RU, the SG540 is obtainable through the store, costing 38.000 GP.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West
  • CF Español
  • CF Russia


  • In CF Vietnam, the SG540 has an inconsistency ammo capacity. It's starting ammo is 30/60 in all modes, and 30/90 in Mutation Mode and variants.
  • The SG540 shares animation with VZ-58.



CrossFire - SG540 - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - SG540 - Weapon Gameplay

SG540 Gameplay

Cross Fire China SG540 Review !

Cross Fire China SG540 Review !

SG540 Review

CrossFire Vietnam SG540 ☆

CrossFire Vietnam SG540 ☆

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