SCAR Light-Ultimate Red Silversmith is an assault rifle variant of SCAR Light in CrossFire.


This SCAR Light now has the ultimate silver color on the whole weapon with the dragon carving with red background on it, just like the M4A1-S Ultimate Red Silversmith and Ruger Bisley-Ultimate Red Silversmith.


  • Moderate-high damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Medium-high rate of fire.
  • Moderate recoil.
  • Fast reloading speed.
  • Fast drawing speed.


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed for too long.


  • CF Japan
  • CF China
  • CF Korea
  • CF West
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam


  • In CF China and CF Philippines, it using SCAR Heavy firing sound, unlike other SCAR Lights which using original firing sound.
  • In CF Indonesia, this gun retains the original SCAR Light firing sound, just like the Ultimate Silversmith variant.
    • Meanwhile, this is the third SCAR Light variant in CF Vietnam that have SCAR-L firing sound, after Ultimate Silversmith and Virgo counterpart.
  • In CF Vietnam, this is the only weapon which is correctly named URSS, unlike the rest in the Ultimate Red Silversmith WS.