"SAS is a Special Air Force in England. They have a long and prestigious history among the English Military."
- in-game description

SAS (British Special Air Service) is one the first characters featured in CrossFire.


This character can be purchased upon first playing CrossFire or later via the Item Shop.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


The SAS (Special Air Service) is a special unit in the United Kingdom which has become the model structure of Special Forces in other countries such as New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. It has a reputation that Special Forces around the world look up to. The SAS is one of the toughest Special Forces, known for its rigorous training regiment and selection criteria. Originally established as a military group during World War II, the SAS’s main operations now are related with the Northern Island's public security (especially the religious conflicts) and works for the U.K.'s protection.


  • The Black List SAS has his sleeves rolled up in third person, however in first person they are not.
  • He is the most expensive character among the first 3 character (costs 9000 GP in Vietnam while SWAT & OMOH only cost 2750 GP respectively).
  • Both Blacklist SAS and Blacklist OMOH have different gloves from SWAT however in first person they both have the same gloves.
  • The gas mask seen on the character's head does nothing to see better in the smoke, nor provide protection against toxic in various ZM maps. This is due to balanced reason.
  • They are the second most popular default class, behind SWAT. 
  • Their Global Risk and their Black List leader are both SAS. 
  • Sometimes, when you headshot a SAS, his gas mask will come off and revealing their "face". This makes them the only default character to have their face revealed. Another way is equip any glasses or certain helmets for SAS.
  • SAS (BL) 1.0 has different mask compared to the one in promotion arts. In promotion arts, both SASs 1.0 are having the same masks while in game, BL mask has a visor (see screenshot below).
  • In CF China, the HUD of BL side got changed with a new forearm tatoo texture and gray skin. However, both his gloves and hands remain the same, which made the skin color of the hands (which is yellow skin) and the forearms doesn't fit.
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