Ryuno is a male character featured in CrossFire.


This character seems to be from Japan due to his name. On the BL side, he wears brown pant and a crimson shirt with a yellow coat which has a Black List mark on it while on the GR side, he wears a black and blue outfit with the Global Risk outfit on his chest. Both BL and GR characters wears headphone on their head. He still uses the default "English" voice pack.

Uniquely from other characters, when winning a match or a round, press N to make the character celebrate by dancing.


  • CF China


  • Normal: Normal character with no skills.
  • Version X: Fall Damage Reduction.
  • Version Y: : Fall Damage Reduction, Immunity to self/teammates grenades.


  • Comparing to the Loading Icon in the beta version and one when officially released, the GR side has got his face slightly changed which look a little bit identical to the BL side; however, his ItemIcon is still the same to the old one.
  • Interestingly, both sides' gloves look identical, its only differences are the color scheme and the BL side's gloves are fingerless gloves while the GR one aren't.
    • Also, in beta version, the BL side's gloves were colored dark-gray, but it was changed to yellow when officially released.
  • As his name suggests, Ryuno (龍野) is probably a Japanese character. But in order to attract Chinese players, they added a surname "Chen" (陈龍野), which made Ryuno's name sound like a Chinese name.



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