Ruger AC-556 is a special carbine rifle variant of Ruger Mini-14 featured in CrossFire.


The Ruger AC-556 features the same concept design of the original rifle variant, which is the Ruger Mini-14, but has big differences. For example, the receivers are slightly longer to fit the select-fire mode switch at its rear part. The selector moves from regular semi-auto fire, to 3-round burst, to full auto with a flick of the dial. Also, because of 5.56x45mm cartridge, AC-556 can use 30-round magazines.

When looking at the model itself, it features a new body model, but still slightly similar to the original rifle variant with a full chromatic black texture all around its body. Also, the rifle contains a lot of attachments, such as angled grip, smooth rifle grip and a special iron sight.


  • CF Korea
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Japan



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