Royal Gold WS is a weapon set that features black background and red and yellow texture on the design which looks similar to Royal Dragon WS.

Weapon List


  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon set is obtainable a Vcoin-spending event in September 2018 for players which has level 6 in the VIP System. Players will have to spend 1500 Vcoin to obtain Raging Bull-Royal Gold, 3000 Vcoin for AK12-Royal Gold and 4500 Vcoin for M249 Minimi SPW-Royal Gold. The WS has its own capsule but it's not for sale in-game, only offered in limited quantity through specific events.
    • To date, these are the only new weapons that were unavailable in the CF Casino Royal webmall, making them actually quite valuable among recently added black market weapons.
    • Also in CF Vietnam, this weapon set is promoted to have "outstanding" stats even though it doesn't have anything different much from other variants.


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