Rooftop Party
Rooftop Party is a Guess Me Mode map sets, as the name suggests, on a rooftop area.


  • CF China: Rooftop Party
  • CF Vietnam: Rooftop
  • CF Russia: Rooftop Party
  • CF Philippines: Rooftop Party
  • CF Korea: Rooftop Party


This map forms a rooftop in the above of the house, with various buildings to keep tabs on the inmates. There are several empty buildings with doors and windows for both BL/GR to take cover from, plus a few corridors and corners to confuse your enemies.

Dance Party

The same mechanics in Guess Me still applies to this map; however, a nifty gimmick has been added to this map. Once the Thieves successfully steals the 3rd Money Briefcase, a Dance Party will be initialized - all players on Prisoners team will have 5 seconds to prepare to "dance" in order to blend in with the good inmates which will last for 1 minute. The mini-game involves pressing 1,2,3 key in a certain lines of numbers, failing to do this will make player characters stumble and give the Cops clue on who's the real inmates (as good inmates never misses). When you finish the dance with no misses, you can choose side (Thieves or Polices) that you want to revive after you died. For every perfect certain lines pressing, Thieves will have 15 additional health point.


  • Thieves share the entire dancing moves of Ryuno. There is also a very popular dancing move which they also use. It is called The Floss (see here).



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