Rock Hewn Ruin
Rock Hewn Ruin is a Hero Mode X (and other variants) map within some ruins site located within a large jungle chasm.


  • China: Cave Ruins.
  • West, Indonesia: Cavern Ruins.
  • Brazil, Russia: Grotto.
  • Korea: Rock-Hewn Ruin
  • Japan: Rock-Hewn Ruin
  • Vietnam: Ancient Cave


Soldiers find themselves confined in a new quarantined zone that is located within the ruins of the Rock-Hewn temple, somewhere deep into the jungle. It is definitely an odd choice, considering the scenery given. This is a vastly open territory with a really nice setting, lit by natural light as well.

It also appears that the soldiers attempted to escape by digging a hole under some stairs, without much success though. They will have to face the inevitable infection and then attempt to fend off the mutants from various spots, including pillars, a waterfall cavern, a warehouse, etc.


Waterfall Cavern Description
Spot Cavern Narrow tunnel behind the waterfall with approximately enough space for four soldiers. This spot is best suited for Mutation and Hero Modes only; massive firepower required.

Storage / Fence Description
Spot Fence Small storage room behind a climbable fence where soldiers must shoot mutants as they climb or push them back against the fence. Soldiers may escape through the window, if necessary.

Inclined Pillar Description
Spot Pillar This inclined pillar can hold many soldiers, if they stack. They should be only focused on the platform leading to say pillar. Mutants might also attempt to boost from a small rock near the pillar.

Wood Planks Description
Spot Wood Some planks forming a long narrow bridge allows soldiers to defend rather effectively, depending on the modes and/or equipments. A fan located just below the spot will allow soldiers to escape, if needed.

Secret Hole Description
Spot Under A secret hole dug under the stairs, which has only enough space for one soldier at the back. An additional soldier would be quite exposed while any more than that would simply be left outside.

Broken Pillars Description
Spot Broken Two broken pillars which requires somebody to boost his/her fellow teammates. Once there, the soldiers on the pillars need to prevent mutants to boost and also check the narrow bridge spot.

Ramp / Platform Description
Spot Ramp A series of platform with lots of space for soldiers to spread out and cover multiple angles as they focus on the main access ramp. They may also jump on a near-by pillar leading to another spot, if needed.

Staff Only / Pillar Description
Spot Staff The rooftop of the staff building only has two access point to defend, next to each other via two small bridges connected to a pillar, which one of them is broken, forcing people to jump.


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  • If you go into the fan, fly away and bunny hop, you can run faster for a while.
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