Resort is a Hero Mode X map part of an expansion update for that mode. It was later added to Mutation Knight as well. It takes place within a summer resort with large pools, water slides and various other point of interests.


  • Biochemical Hotel (China).
  • Xeno Resort (Japan)
  • Resort (Phillippines, Brazil, Vietnam & Russia).
  • Zombie Resort (Indonesia).
  • Nano Resort (West).


  • There was a bug, that seems to be fixed, where players would get stuck in the spiral slide if they had low fps, which includes recording session.
  • There is an Easter Egg in the Tiki bar; a photo of the level designer who made the map can be seen on the wall. He also made Nano Mall, Mansion, Biohazard, NightFall and more.
  • This map can spam CTRL, so you can jump more farther.


Water Slides Description
Spot Slides Soldiers may camp on top of the slides and cover the yellow one, as the cyan one will force anybody that fall into it to slide. However, the mutants may attempt to run on the edge of the cyan slide or boost on the broken steps; soldiers should check that too.

Stairs. Description
Spot NoDive Soldiers may hold the stairs leading up to the larger water slide, it requires massive firepower though, and also look up for mutants that either boost from the fountain or climbing up the water slide from the bottom.

Spiral Slide Description
Spot Slide Soldiers are able to stand on the edge of the spiral water slide and shoot any mutants that are walking on the edges from both the bottom and top of the slide. Although the mutants may also attempt to infect soldiers while sliding in it.

Tiki Bar's Top Description
Spot Tiki The top of the Tiki bar can be accessed via a broken palm tree, which is pretty much the only way to defend, as long soldiers stay away from the hole leading into the bar and stay careful as the side of the roof is rather slippery.


CrossFire VN - Resort HMX

CrossFire VN - Resort HMX

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