Remote C4 is a special weapon available only in Wave Mode (Demolition class) and in Crater 2.


This weapon comes with two parts: A sticky C4 and a detonator.

In Wave Mode, when thrown, the C4 will stick to whatever surface they landed on, and players are free to use the detonator to blow it up. Shooting the C4 itself can also blow it up.

In Crater 2, it can only be obtained through Supply Boxes, and once picked up, players only have 10 seconds to throw the C4. It works the same way as in Wave Mode, but when used against bosses, it can stun the boss, making him immobilized and vulnerable to attacks. The main purpose of Remoted C4 in Crater 2 is to break Infernal Titan's shield, which normally takes a lot of firepower to destroy.


  • In Crater 2, whether it is a glitch or not, when not thrown at the zombies or bosses, players can not blow it up; therefore, the players will hold the detonator like forever. The only way to stop holding it is simply getting defeated by zombies or bosses.
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