Red Eye is a RPG / Melee Only map sets within some kind of space station near a blood moon. It is available for Team DeathMatch / Elimination.


  • Red Eye (China, Korea, SEA, West, Philippines, Indonesia).
  • Blood Eye (Vietnam)
  • Mars (Brazil).


This map seems to be a space station seeing how close the moon is. It's easy to assume the red sky is caused by the state of the moon being a blood moon. Even thought it's in space, the gravity for soldiers is the same as that of Earth's. However, the rockets suffer from slow movement, making for an interesting gimmick for the map.

Each soldiers start with a rather heavy RPG-7 slowing their movement and it won't go away until it is fired. The rockets will slowly advance through the map until it hits something or somebody. Until then, the player won't be able to use his RPG-7. Once it explodes, the player will get his RPG-7 back on his next respawn.

As it's a symmetrical layout and rather small, it's a fast paced close quarter combat plus about 16 rockets flying all over the place. There's some metal crates on the sides of the center area. Both spawn as a small ramp and a small hole to avoid the flying rockets. Both spawn has a television screen broadcasting SPOP / SAS posters.



Chinese CrossFire - Red Eye TD (w RPG-7)!

Chinese CrossFire - Red Eye TD (w RPG-7)!

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